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                      Shenzhen emperor Bao Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as Depoprecision) was founded in 1996,       is a professional dedicated to precision parts Production company. At first from the traditional mold,automation to aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, medical, micro electronics, chemical industry     parts processing. Depoprecision focus on various parts of special materials, vehicles, milling, grinding,   fine Kong Chao precision machining. With the development of modern industry,Precision and ultra precision machining plays an important role in various fields. Depoprecision has taken the lead in special materials processing for many years, Micro hole machining of technical innovation, ultra precision  hole machining of minimally processed aperture 0.008mm (8 microns (UM), the depth of processing: processing 

          is greater than or equal to hole Diameter of 30 times, the accuracy of up to + 0.001mm. to break all 

          kinds of processing problems to lay a solid foundation.

                For the future Depoprecision because of the responsibility, so serious; ahead of the hard work, and then study; hope to win with you, benefit



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