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    The world machinery manufacturing industry covers many fields, such as household appliances, auto parts, plant equipment and construction machinery, the annual output value of up to 1 trillion u.. According to expert analysis, machinery manufacturing industry in the future development, there are four important trends will have a significant impact on the."

    First, the integration of mechanical manufacturing technology

    In many fields of mechanical manufacturing, electronic control and software technology are becoming as important as mechanical engineering. The German case first Bach machinery manufacturing company is the world's largest for large glass manufacturing plant the production of glass processing system of the company, at present the company's software control equipment, electronic and mechanical device occupy the the output value of 1 / 3.

    Two, mechanical manufacturing service thinking

    In various fields from the elevator factory equipment, increase the manufacturer's profit is no longer because according to the specification of fixed production products, but manufacturers can according to user's requirements and the production of products, to meet the user's personalized special demand. In addition, the enterprise also through the maintenance or after-sales service to increase output value, and promote the development of the production of the service industry.

    Three, mechanical manufacturing global product development

    The product of the development of enterprises, not in the fall behind closed doors, but in an open platform for the public and social resources. Such as the United States the largest home appliances maker whirlpool Corporation, by 2000 engineers composed of a global product development team reorganization of, to brainstorm for new product development, shorten the development time for certain products.

    Four, mechanical manufacturing update production strategy

    In some industries, including printing machinery, including the, machinery manufacturing plant borrow the idea of automobile industry, put into different products in different markets, based on the same basic engineering structure, then late in the manufacturing process to modify the design, so that products meet the specific needs of the customer groups.



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